Sunday, 19 June 2011

Flormar Purple

I don't know where I've put the bottle for this one so I can't tell you what number it is but seeing as Flormar don't name their polish then it's not too much of a loss!

This polish you could get away with just using one coat but I did two just to see if it made much of a difference. Which it kind of did but you could totally get away with one thick coat!

I also tried the NYC coat from my last post on one of my nails before I took it off and ended up with this ... (which is super pretty!) 

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

NYC East Village

This is a super sheer polish, I'd say it's best as a top coat for another colour it's that sheer. I put one coat on my thumb nail and then realised I'd need a million coats to get a decent colour so I painted my nails a french manicure white and then popped two coats of the NYC over the top and this is what I came out with ...

It was quite bubbly which was a shame, but I think that might be because it was two coats. I think if you have a creme navy polish then this'd look lovely over the top

Accessorize Unknown from the Polish wardrobe

This is a polish my friend Caroline gave me as she didn't like it as it was too dark, it's from the polish wardrobe they did last year and it's un-named as far as I can tell. The first coat of this was a yummy plum colour but it was too streaky and needed another layer so when I put another coat on it just went super dark It's very vampy but it's not one I'm massively enamoured with!

Monday, 6 June 2011

Ebay-ing my stash

Take a look if you fancy anything! I'm raising funds to put in my "things for the house" pot and there is no point having a massive stash of polish I'm never going to use more than once! I'm keeping faves to use up and there'll be a few more posts of swatches from my "things to try" pile but I'll be posting less and less. 

Thursday, 2 June 2011

China Glaze Jolly Holly

I wore China Glaze Jolly Holly today, I was soooo late swatching this one given that it was from Christmas 2010 but I've worn it a few times and never managed to get a picture and I'd almost done the same as I'd chipped it today but I've taken photo's around the chips!