Saturday, 28 May 2011

Sinful Colors Fuji

I was dithering on what colour to wear today and P said Purple and pointed to this one so this one it is!

I've never used Sinful Colors before and this one was a swap with a friend, it looks quite pigmented in the bottle so I thought it was going to be a one coater but it's actually really sheer! I took pics at one coat, two coats and three which is where I left it as I didn't have all night to faff around. The polish seems good quality but then I've only just put it on so I can't comment! The brush was good enough put nothing special. It'd be interesting to see what this'd look like over a darker polish


One coat



And then I was messing with the white balance on my phone as the polish looked bluer than it is in real life and this came out more true to life.

1 comment:

  1. Sinful colors are great quality nail polishes, but I really hate sheer polishes, if it takes more than 2 coats I become frustrated