Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Kiko 316 & Kiko Sparkle Touch 261

Today's polish was much nicer than yesterdays and considering I forgot to put top coat on lasted quite well!

Kiko 316 is a lovely creme plum colour, I put two coats on as one left it just a little patchy and two gave a really nice coverage. When I got back from work today I decided to glam it up a little and put the sparkle touch on top. I was expecting this to be a bog standard glitter but it's more like tiny flakies and gives it a gorgeous blue/pink shimmer (I'm now dying to try it over a darker colour, navy or black maybe!).

All the pictures I took are sans top coat but I've since put top coat on (and put my camera away!) and it looks even better with that on, it gives it a shiny depth that isn't there without the top coat. Both of these are definate keepers and I'm now wishing the UK had Kiko as I want more sparkle touches!


  1. Looks great!! An I like it even more with the coat of flakies!!

  2. Thank you, these so far are my favourite out of the Kiko polishes you sent and I wouldn't have chosen them myself so thank you again!!! xx