Sunday, 29 May 2011

George Smug

I am not a red nails person, despite this I have a few in my polish collection and I'm not even sure why I bought this one because I don't like it in the bottle or on the nail. I tried it today because I knew I wasn't going anywhere important! It's the first jelly type polish I've ever tried and there's lots of visible nail line which I don't like, it. The colour is an orange-y red with flecks of red through it. Really not for me but I've tried it now (It's going in the swaps/sales box!)

Daylight setting on my camera

Another with the white balance at daylight

Urgh you can tell I don't like it as I applied it appallingly and didn't bother cleaning up for photo's!

This and the above is the auto white balance setting

This and the two above it are trying to show the flecks in it!

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