Saturday, 14 May 2011

Flormar 413

I'm such a crappy nail blogger right now, I've not even put polish on my nails since my last post but I've had a mixture of super busy at work and then with house stuffs so I've just not had the time or inclination to paint my nails for a while!

I'm semi thinking I'm going to go through the polish that I have and sell it off (as I've got way too much) so I'll either be ebaying or putting it up on here in the next few months. Not sure what is the best idea! I've still got a bunch to go through and swatch so I'll do it after I've gone through my "to try" box first! Keep your eyes peeled in the future though!

This week I had Flormar 413 on as I wanted something subtle for work and this fit the bill quite well. I thought it was darker on than it appears in the bottle but it's a pretty neutral colour either way. I did two coats but I think I could have gotten away with one, I did two as some nails were a little patchy. This is a brand I've never heard of before, I don't know if it's native only to France or mainland europe perhaps, it was one Ruxi sent me to try.

I can't remember if I've mentioned that I've got a new topcoat, I'm using Nubar Diamont, I really like it although it does cause the same peeling to happen that Seche does. I suppose it makes polish removal easier but I'm not convinced it's good for the nail when that happens. It hasn't got the bad stuff in it that Seche does though so I'm sticking with it as I get no chips when I use it

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