Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Flormar 398

Another Flormar sent by Ruxi to try. This one I thought looked purple in the bottle (albeit a very dark purple) but actually it's more of a super inky/murky blue. It's a really really dark colour but does have the most subtle shimmer through it. It's very gothic!!

The brush wasn't so great on this one and made application a bit clumsy and it chipped within 24 hours but hey ho!


  1. YEah I know the brushes aren't good on all of them, but about the chipping I couldn't tell, I don't keep nail polish on more than a day.

  2. Well most days I tend not to either but it depends how busy I am and this week has been epically busy so I've been lazy in removing polish and putting more on! Just taken this off now though and put another on so more pics soon!

    Also I'm tempted to think it's more a problem of the top coat than the polish but it's such a lovely dark colour I don't mind!