Saturday, 2 April 2011

George Rich Chocolate

For some reason I thought this was called Hot Chocolate when I put it on but having looked at the bottle before I started writing this it's definately called Rich Chocolate!

This is another one I put on last week, I had an evening event to attend and my outfit was planned around what can I fit in my hand luggage, it was a rather fashion faux pas of a black dress with dark brown heels, so I figured I'd match the shoes to the polish and this is a little bottle of polish so it fit in the clear plastic bag you have to fit your life into before you're allowed on a plane!

It's a decent Chocolate brown colour actually, the more you layer it the more darker it becomes but you definately need more than one coat as just one on it's own is a bit streaky. It's like all the George one's (for the price ace!) and it lasted from Monday evening until Thursday morning with no chips so really impressed. The only reason it chipped was that I got a cleaning head on and started housework!

Pics taken in natural light

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