Saturday, 16 April 2011

A-England Tristram

So I've been ogling the polishes on a-england for a good while now and I'd added the shop on twitter and facebook. Adina who's company it is posted a tweet saying if you are a facebook follower you get 20% off with a special code and I'd been waiting until payday to buy some polish!

I have to say the service was awesome, I ordered on Friday morning and they were with me on Saturday morning! I had tweeted Adina to ask a daft question about the discount code and she replied within half an hour so I can't fault the customer service, it's spot on!

Here are the polishes I ordered:

I'd been dying to get my hands on Tristram for ages but it was hard to decide what else I wanted. I was semi tempted to go with Lady of the Lake as I love love love holo's but in the end I went with Guinevere as I don't really have anything similar. I've not tried that one yet so that's a future post!

Tristram is as lovely as I thought it was going to be, it's a purply navy polish with a gorgeous smattering of holo through it. You need the sunshine or artificial light to get the full impact of the holo (it's not as blingy as some of the China Glaze one's I've reviewed), it's really pretty on it's own but it really shines in the, well, sunshine! 

I took lots of pictures (far too many really!) trying to get a good shot of the holo, so there are pictures of it in the shade, in sunlight, artificial light and some blurry ones to show you what it's like. I can't rave about it enough, it's simply gorgeous! 

Daylight no sun

Daylight no sun

Artificial Light

And blurry!

Outdoors in the sunlight

And another

Outdoor blurry!

Can't remember but look at that rainbow holo! 


  1. wow these lokk great!! can't wait to see your other one.

  2. It's really lovely! I've not taken it off yet :D Will do the other one soon!