Saturday, 23 April 2011

A-England Guinevere

I bought this alongside Tristram (I was going to go for Lady of the Lake as you can never have enough holo's right? but decided to try one of the others instead!). I've also at the same time given up using seche vite. I've gotten a bit scared about the whole "can cause deformaties in kids" warning on it and I just dont want to risk anything happening to any future children I have so I'm off it (and suffering but I'll come to that later!)

This is a lovely colour, as the day went on the more I liked it, it's a really soft lilac/grey colour. I'd describe it as dove coloured, it's just really pretty and delicate.

However as I'm not using Seche Vite and instead using an Orly top coat I got off ebay, it lasted maybe 8 hrs before I chipped it. So not impressed with that but then I think it's just the matter of getting the right top coat.

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