Saturday, 16 April 2011

Color Club Ulterior Motive + Playing with crackles

Another Color Club Alter Ego polish yesterday! This one is called Ulterior Motive and is a super magenta fuchsia pink. I'm not sure why I got it really as I generally never wear shades like this! It's not really very me (which is why I ended up playing with the crackles on top I think). However having said that it is a pretty colour, it's like a jelly and a frost in one. The pink has lots of blue and almost purple pink sparkles in with it.

And as I thought it wasn't a very "me" colour I played with the remainder of the China Glaze Crackles I had which was crushed candy and black mesh. I'm not all that keen on the china glaze crackles, the colours are ok but they just don't seem to crack as well as the Barry M one does. I'd like to try the Model's own/17/OPI one's to compare! 

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