Thursday, 14 April 2011

Color Club Total Mystery

I had naked nails today for work as the new topcoat I got isn't all that great and let my polish get chipped to hell so I took yesterday's polish off as it looked a mess and didn't have the time or energy to put anything on last night. I thought I'd use this polish tonight as I'm off tomorrow so can wear what I like over the weekend!

This one looks lovely in the bottle and it's pretty nice when it's on too. It's an inky navy blue but it's a shimmery one with purple and pink flashes of glitter through it. I did two coats and took some pictures under artificial light as the natural light was fading when I put it on. I managed to take a few pictures in natural daylight. This is one that looks better under the light I think though, it brings out the sparkle!

I seem to love all Navy Blue's and this one is no exception, it's great!

artificial light

Natural light

Another under artificial light to see if I could get the sparkle to show! 

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