Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Color Club Masquerading

I put a sneaky ebay order in to get some of the alter ego color club colours and they arrived this morning so I popped Masquerading on. It's a teal blue colour that is unusual in that as other bloggers have said it's a one coater (my pics are 1 coat and a top coat!) and it drys very quickly (like a matte colour would). It looks shimmery in the light but it's quite creamy also.

I tried it with a new top coat I bought (an orly one) to see how that compares with the seche vite I normally put on. I've managed to chip one nail so far (within an hour!) not sure if that's me being clumsy or if it's just not as good!


  1. Thank you! I meant to comment on your recent OPI haul (so jealous of the blue crackle's!) x