Monday, 11 April 2011

Bourjois Techno Bar à Tokyo (40)

I got bored of the pink and it was raining this morning so I thought a darker colour was needed! I found this polish in my make up bag as it (along with 2 others) was a birthday gift from my friend and I'd put them away so they wouldn't get smashed on the journey home. I thought I'd try this one as it's the most "me" out of the three shades.

In the bottle it's a dark charcoal grey with silver sparkles in it. As it's a mini polish the bottle is tiny but I'm beginning to think this is a good thing and almost wish I had mini versions of all the polish I have so far rather than big bottles I worry I'm never going to use because I have so much of it! The brush is good quality and it's easy to use on the nail. The first coat goes on very sheer and although I only put two on, I could have probably gotten a deeper colour if I'd have put another layer on.

It reflects the light very well so I took a few pics under artificial light (looks yellowy!) and some under natural light (a truer colour) and had seche vite as a top coat in the pictures too. The polish colour really reminds me of one of their eyeshadows, I can't remember what it's name is (gris something perhaps?) it's as the name suggests a grey colour but it's really smoky and has lots of silver sparkles in it.

The Bottle

Next to the Seche to give you an idea of bottle size

Under Artificial light

Under natural light

This is a better representation of the actual colour 

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