Sunday, 10 April 2011

Barry M Pink Flamingo

This post will illustrate what happens when you don't paint your nails for a while ... Well or at least the pictures will. I have lost my nail mojo completely and just did a terrible job and I don't even know why I'm putting pictures up of this but I think it's because last time I wore it I didn't take pictures and now I did a bad job and took pictures and I don't like it enough to wear it again and so you get to see nail fail.

It's a super pink colour from Barry M and if it wasn't already called Pink Flamingo then I'd be describing it as exactly that. It's a really sunny colour, which is probably why I put it on as the sun has decided to come out and play this weekend. Apart from me messing it up royally when I applied it, it's lasted really well (through me gardening, baking and the normal level of clutz that I seem to leave in my wake) with no chips or anything.

I'm now getting to the end of my polish box and I've got all the colours I'm not excited about trying and the glitters left so I'm just going to make an effort to do swatches of the stuff that's left.

Right ... the pictures of fail ...


  1. At least it's a nice color! Your pictures will be fine! :-)

  2. I did exactly the same thing! The sun came out, and so did the pink Barry M colours! I did a base of Fuschia and top of Pink Fizz [crackle]. Once the sun went in I felt it was a biiiit to bright for me! Good job with yours, I didn't know they had this shade. :D

  3. Great minds think alike hey? :)
    I haven't tried the Barry M Crackle yet (well any of the colours other than the black!) What do you think of it?