Friday, 29 April 2011

CK 235 Emerald Green

Right so this might be a little bit better a review than the last few as I'm still wearing the polish! I snook this into an order for perfume that I did as I can't resist a good green polish and it was all of £3 so what the heck!

The brush on this polish is pretty rubbish, it's thin and just doesn't spread the polish as easily as I'd like but other than that there are no issues with it. It's lovely on and given that I've been working hard on the house yesterday and today it's lasted really well and I've only got tip wear. I have also got a new top coat though so that may also have something to do with it. I bought the Nubar Diamont as someone on the nail bit of reddit said that it was similar to Seche Vite but without all the nasties in it and so far I'm inclined to agree, I'm really rather impressed.

The colour is a gorgeous mossy green with a green shimmer through it that really stands out in the light, it's absolutely yummy and a definite keeper!

Kiko 262

So Kiko don't name their polishes which is a bit of a shame as it's a bit difficult to remember off the top of your head what polish you have on!

This one is a purple with a fuscia pink & blue through it, it was really pretty but it literally lasted all of two minutes (due to me being rather hands on decorating and also I'm having top coat issues!). Pictures b below!

Color Club Alias

I thought I'd try Alias today as it looks so pretty in the bottle and I wasn't in the office so could get away with it! It's super pretty in the bottle but the duo chrome doesn't really show as well on the nails for some reason which is a shame as it's so pretty!

It's kind of similar to Nubar Peacock Feathers but a bit more sparkly, it applies just as well as the other Color Club polishes and looks pretty but I prefer Peacock Feathers.

I tried to get pictures of the green but didn't do too well!

Kiko 349

This is the first of a few posts, I've bee doing a lot of DIY this week so my polish has lasted all of 2 minutes so all the photo's taken (which isn't a lot!) were taken once I'd just put the polish on!

This is the first of the Kiko one's that the lovely Ruxi sent me. I chose it because it's such an unusual colour I was drawn to it. Unfortunately it doesn't go with my skin tone at all which is a shame because it is a nice colour! It went on easily and because it was at the beginning of the week and because I'm a bit air-headed at the moment (stupid virus that's making me a derp unless at work) I can't remember anything else about it so have some pictures!

Saturday, 23 April 2011


I got some goodies in the post today from Ruxi from Une Ruxi à Paris, I'd sent her some George polishes to try and she sent me some Kiko & Flormar polishes to try. I'll have some pictures up soon!!!

Holo's & Rainbows

So yesterday I didn't really try any new colours on my nails (well hand nails anyway!) as I couldn't decide what to wear, as it was so sunny I thought ooh do a holo but then couldn't decide which so thought I might as well put them all on! As I had flip flops on I also did my toes but painted them in pastel colours (all by George apart from my little toe which was models own!)

Lots of pictures just because and you even get one of my tootsies!

Color Club Alter Ego

I did another Color Club polish after the A-England. I went for Alter Ego as I was in work and wanted something that wasn't too out there. This colour is a lilac-y shimmery almost foil like polish with a soft golden shimmer through it. Again I'm without my beloved Seche Vite so it didn't last at all which is disappointing but hey-ho.

Can any readers recommend a good top coat? One without Toulene preferably!

A-England Guinevere

I bought this alongside Tristram (I was going to go for Lady of the Lake as you can never have enough holo's right? but decided to try one of the others instead!). I've also at the same time given up using seche vite. I've gotten a bit scared about the whole "can cause deformaties in kids" warning on it and I just dont want to risk anything happening to any future children I have so I'm off it (and suffering but I'll come to that later!)

This is a lovely colour, as the day went on the more I liked it, it's a really soft lilac/grey colour. I'd describe it as dove coloured, it's just really pretty and delicate.

However as I'm not using Seche Vite and instead using an Orly top coat I got off ebay, it lasted maybe 8 hrs before I chipped it. So not impressed with that but then I think it's just the matter of getting the right top coat.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

A-England Tristram

So I've been ogling the polishes on a-england for a good while now and I'd added the shop on twitter and facebook. Adina who's company it is posted a tweet saying if you are a facebook follower you get 20% off with a special code and I'd been waiting until payday to buy some polish!

I have to say the service was awesome, I ordered on Friday morning and they were with me on Saturday morning! I had tweeted Adina to ask a daft question about the discount code and she replied within half an hour so I can't fault the customer service, it's spot on!

Here are the polishes I ordered:

I'd been dying to get my hands on Tristram for ages but it was hard to decide what else I wanted. I was semi tempted to go with Lady of the Lake as I love love love holo's but in the end I went with Guinevere as I don't really have anything similar. I've not tried that one yet so that's a future post!

Tristram is as lovely as I thought it was going to be, it's a purply navy polish with a gorgeous smattering of holo through it. You need the sunshine or artificial light to get the full impact of the holo (it's not as blingy as some of the China Glaze one's I've reviewed), it's really pretty on it's own but it really shines in the, well, sunshine! 

I took lots of pictures (far too many really!) trying to get a good shot of the holo, so there are pictures of it in the shade, in sunlight, artificial light and some blurry ones to show you what it's like. I can't rave about it enough, it's simply gorgeous! 

Daylight no sun

Daylight no sun

Artificial Light

And blurry!

Outdoors in the sunlight

And another

Outdoor blurry!

Can't remember but look at that rainbow holo! 

Color Club Ulterior Motive + Playing with crackles

Another Color Club Alter Ego polish yesterday! This one is called Ulterior Motive and is a super magenta fuchsia pink. I'm not sure why I got it really as I generally never wear shades like this! It's not really very me (which is why I ended up playing with the crackles on top I think). However having said that it is a pretty colour, it's like a jelly and a frost in one. The pink has lots of blue and almost purple pink sparkles in with it.

And as I thought it wasn't a very "me" colour I played with the remainder of the China Glaze Crackles I had which was crushed candy and black mesh. I'm not all that keen on the china glaze crackles, the colours are ok but they just don't seem to crack as well as the Barry M one does. I'd like to try the Model's own/17/OPI one's to compare!