Wednesday, 16 March 2011

OPI Here today Aragon Tomorrow & OPI Significant Other Color

I felt like a change after I'd played with the crackles as my fingers were looking a little crazy! I thought I'd give HTAT a try as I love the suede version but I've always been put off this by how dark it looks in the bottle (and I don't mind dark polish normally either!).

I was surprised putting it on, the first coat is this gloriously mossy green colour that'd be awesome by itself if it wasn't so streaky and the second coat made it into a really deep moss green colour (nothing like it is in the bottle). I left it at two coats as I wanted to put SOC on top.

SOC is really really pretty looking in the bottle but you can also tell it's going to be sheer as hell which was why I got it as an effects polish rather than on it's own (though I might be tempted over a white polish maybe!). It's a shimmery and opalescent pink and green colour.

On top of HTAT it's gorgeous, you get this matrix-y green colour with the odd shimmer of a plummy pink depending on how the light hits it. It's really lovely!

I think my camera makes this seem a bit darker than it actually was

It looks almost black here but it's quite a bit lighter in the flesh

& with Significant Other Colour on top

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