Sunday, 20 March 2011

NYC Skin Tight Denim (Creme)

I never really knew that I liked blue nail polish until I started getting good blue nail polishes. This one definately falls into the Good Blue polish camp, it's gorgeous! I put one coat on and it pretty much covered really well, I didn't think I needed another coat but ended up putting one on as I'd not applied it as well on my right hand.

Pictures with one coat!

The second coat really goes on well, I doubt you'd ever need more than that! I'd recommend two though as it gets more shimmery the more polish you have on. I took pictures under artificial light as the glittery blue really shines through underneath. I'd say it's quite similar to the blue George one I have (Indigo Dazzle) so if you can't get hold of it then this is a good next best thing!

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