Friday, 4 March 2011

NYC Purple Pizzazz Frost

Another NYC polish today, I really am quite impressed with these for the price. This was another 99p bargain from Superdrug. It took 3 coats to go on, and I wasn't really paying attention as I was putting it on so it's a bit bubbly which is a shame but I think that's down to me rather than the polish! It's a brilliant royal purple with a fine navy shimmer through it. I tried to capture the purple in the pictures as the pictures make it seem bluer than it actually is!

Might be the last post from me for a while, I am going away on Sunday (to Vienna woo!)  and I have a ton of things to do and get ready before then so not sure if I'll make it to the computer for blogging. I'll be back mid week but I'm planning to do some decorating so it's kind of pointless painting my nails when I'm going to be wrecking them! So I'll more than likely be back next weekend!


  1. This is gorgeous!! and hey you are getting better at painting your nails, less smudges!!

  2. Beautiful colour <3
    Have fun in Venice!