Tuesday, 1 March 2011

NYC Empire State Blue & China Glaze Broken Hearted

Yesterday I decided that as I was off and working at home today I'd make the most of the more colourful polishes I have in my "to try" pile (which by the way has expanded again - oops) and I went for NYC Empire State Blue. I've never tried NYC polishes before but was wandering around Superdrug and saw a fully stocked display and as the majority of them were 99p I picked up a few. I can't remember if this is a 99p one or one from the £2.99 range.

Regardless, it is a lovely shimmery skyblue with a turquoise shimmer through it. It's a gorgeous mermaid blue/green colour, I just wish I could wear this kind of shade to work! The natural light pictures are a more true idea of what the colour looks like, the ones under artificial light have made it look darker.

Then this morning the China Glaze crackles I'd ordered from ebay arrived so I thought I'd have a play around and put the pink crackle on top to see how it'd look! I've only tried the pink so can't comment on the rest of them but I'm liking it so far, it's the same consistency as the Barry M crackle, easy to apply so you can't really go wrong with it!

Artificial light

Artificial light - trying to capture the shimmer

Another under artificial light

Natural light

Ignore the loppers I'm holding, I was gardening and the sun came out so I thought I'd better take a pic as it was so shiny!

Natural light with crackle!

Oops - Ignore the splodge - It's coming off pretty much right away so I  didn't bother cleaning it up!     


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