Sunday, 20 March 2011

NYC Big Money (Frost)

I didn't take many pictures of this one as it was quite sheer and shows all the faults in my nails (which are flakey as hell at the minute!) and I think I smudged it pretty much within 5 minute of putting it on so it's not a super great post from me in regards to this colour. I did two coats and couldn't find my seche vite so it had no top coat. It's a frost so it's quite sheer, the colour is a spring green one. I love green and greens but I'm not feeling this one massively, I think it's probably because it's quite sheer. Perhaps if I try it again I'll do it over a white to see how that makes it look!

And then because I can't leave alone and the OPI was really pretty I put Significant Other Color on top - then proceeded to wash the dishes so only one picture of one finger as I completely messed it up!!!

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