Saturday, 12 March 2011

Look by BIPA

Birthday nails today, I've been a bit lazy and couldn't be completely bothered (and was in a rush doing them as my grandfolks were about to arrive) so they're a bit sloppy! I was in Vienna for the majority of last week and whilst there went into a shop called Bipa, as far as I can tell it's similar to a Boots or Superdrug here in the UK. I'm not sure if it's a europewide chain or just local to Vienna. We'd gone in looking for some moisturiser and then I thought it'd be rude not to look at the nail polish they have whilst I was there!

I was very restrained and only bought two, I bought the blue that is my nail of the day and a green polish with a liner brush. The blue is from a range called nail quickie and the shade is beach. The green is from a range called nail tattoo liner and doesn't have a name but is Nr 9 Green.

The blue is lovely, I've done two coats in the picture and it has seche on top, it is a really beachy blue. The kind of blue you want the sea to be when you do a beach holiday! I had to trim my nails right back (as when I got back from Vienna I was decorating and damaged them to hell!) so they are really short at the moment and I also need to shape them before my next mani I think!!!

Anyway ... Pictures!!!


  1. I've heard of bipa but not of look by bipa. looks good though!

  2. It's another budget find! I don't think the camera has picked up the colour that well, it's much more vivid in real life!