Tuesday, 15 March 2011

e.l.f Purple Dream

Another from e.l.f. I bought this as I'd used my good friends eye primer (twas the urban decay one) and as I was being cheap I thought I'd try the e.l.f one instead! Whilst on the site they had this new purple and a teal green which I also got. This is really really pretty it's such a lovely foily and soft shimmery purple. The pictures on my camera made it seem a little more blue than it actually is in real life, however looking at them on my monitor they have come out fairly accurate, it's more of a pink toned purple. If it looks a little messy it's because my seche is going funny (again), I'm in two minds whether or not to rebuy it or just get a different top coat. It's still got over half in it but it's just such a waste if it keeps going gloopy (and that's with me putting the restore in it too).

Since I've mentioned it the e.l.f primer is fairly good, it's not the best one I've used but it does the job. When you put it on your lids it does get a few creases instantly whereas when I tried the Urban Decay one I didn't get any of that.  But it was £3.50 so I can hardly complain! (I went for the mineral one!)

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