Saturday, 26 March 2011

Accessorize Illusion Mermaid

I've had this polish for ages and ages and I put it on my toes when I first got it but I hate seeing pics of my toes so didn't take any! I was going to put it on but then tried removing it and it's an absolute bitch to get off, it's and uber glitter polish. However I was looking at it yesterday and just wanted something shiny and pretty to wear and hopefully the foil method will make it less painful to get off.

Thoughts on the polish are, it's really really lovely. It's a turquoise blue/sea green mix that just makes me want to find a beach with the sea that colour. It's super shimmery and sparkly and is just lovely. I'm rather rubbish today at describing because I feel ill so how about less posting and some pictures instead!

Under artificial light

Under artificial light. Blurry to show the sparkles!

Everything under here is natural light!

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