Saturday, 26 March 2011

Accessorize Illusion Mermaid

I've had this polish for ages and ages and I put it on my toes when I first got it but I hate seeing pics of my toes so didn't take any! I was going to put it on but then tried removing it and it's an absolute bitch to get off, it's and uber glitter polish. However I was looking at it yesterday and just wanted something shiny and pretty to wear and hopefully the foil method will make it less painful to get off.

Thoughts on the polish are, it's really really lovely. It's a turquoise blue/sea green mix that just makes me want to find a beach with the sea that colour. It's super shimmery and sparkly and is just lovely. I'm rather rubbish today at describing because I feel ill so how about less posting and some pictures instead!

Under artificial light

Under artificial light. Blurry to show the sparkles!

Everything under here is natural light!

Sunday, 20 March 2011

NYC Skin Tight Denim (Creme)

I never really knew that I liked blue nail polish until I started getting good blue nail polishes. This one definately falls into the Good Blue polish camp, it's gorgeous! I put one coat on and it pretty much covered really well, I didn't think I needed another coat but ended up putting one on as I'd not applied it as well on my right hand.

Pictures with one coat!

The second coat really goes on well, I doubt you'd ever need more than that! I'd recommend two though as it gets more shimmery the more polish you have on. I took pictures under artificial light as the glittery blue really shines through underneath. I'd say it's quite similar to the blue George one I have (Indigo Dazzle) so if you can't get hold of it then this is a good next best thing!

NYC Big Money (Frost)

I didn't take many pictures of this one as it was quite sheer and shows all the faults in my nails (which are flakey as hell at the minute!) and I think I smudged it pretty much within 5 minute of putting it on so it's not a super great post from me in regards to this colour. I did two coats and couldn't find my seche vite so it had no top coat. It's a frost so it's quite sheer, the colour is a spring green one. I love green and greens but I'm not feeling this one massively, I think it's probably because it's quite sheer. Perhaps if I try it again I'll do it over a white to see how that makes it look!

And then because I can't leave alone and the OPI was really pretty I put Significant Other Color on top - then proceeded to wash the dishes so only one picture of one finger as I completely messed it up!!!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

OPI Here today Aragon Tomorrow & OPI Significant Other Color

I felt like a change after I'd played with the crackles as my fingers were looking a little crazy! I thought I'd give HTAT a try as I love the suede version but I've always been put off this by how dark it looks in the bottle (and I don't mind dark polish normally either!).

I was surprised putting it on, the first coat is this gloriously mossy green colour that'd be awesome by itself if it wasn't so streaky and the second coat made it into a really deep moss green colour (nothing like it is in the bottle). I left it at two coats as I wanted to put SOC on top.

SOC is really really pretty looking in the bottle but you can also tell it's going to be sheer as hell which was why I got it as an effects polish rather than on it's own (though I might be tempted over a white polish maybe!). It's a shimmery and opalescent pink and green colour.

On top of HTAT it's gorgeous, you get this matrix-y green colour with the odd shimmer of a plummy pink depending on how the light hits it. It's really lovely!

I think my camera makes this seem a bit darker than it actually was

It looks almost black here but it's quite a bit lighter in the flesh

& with Significant Other Colour on top

e.l.f Teal Blue & China Glaze Crackle Glaze

Since I'm working from home today and tomorrow I figured I can give the bright colours a go so last night I put on the other e.l.f colour I got. It's a really pretty bright teal/jade colour. It's actually how I wanted OPI's Jade is the New Black to be. When it's on it's a creme and with seche on top it looks like vinyl, seriously lovely! I did two coats, I probably could have gotten away with one but two coats make it look that little bit better in my opinion.

I think this picture shows the actual colour better than the rest

And then this morning I thought I'd have a play with the rest of the China Glaze Crackle Glaze. I did a mix of Fault Line, Lightening Bolt & Cracked Concrete. I did them just to see what they were like as opposed to seriously doing a manicure like this. The best to apply out of these was the Cracked Concrete, the Lightening bolt was a little runny compared to the others and Fault line was a little on the thick side and didn't crackle too well on my thumb. 

Cracked Concrete

Lightening Bolt

Fault Line

Fault line didn't do very well on my thumb though

Add caption

And some impromtu nail art ... it's a rubbish picture but it's meant to be a heart! 

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

e.l.f Purple Dream

Another from e.l.f. I bought this as I'd used my good friends eye primer (twas the urban decay one) and as I was being cheap I thought I'd try the e.l.f one instead! Whilst on the site they had this new purple and a teal green which I also got. This is really really pretty it's such a lovely foily and soft shimmery purple. The pictures on my camera made it seem a little more blue than it actually is in real life, however looking at them on my monitor they have come out fairly accurate, it's more of a pink toned purple. If it looks a little messy it's because my seche is going funny (again), I'm in two minds whether or not to rebuy it or just get a different top coat. It's still got over half in it but it's just such a waste if it keeps going gloopy (and that's with me putting the restore in it too).

Since I've mentioned it the e.l.f primer is fairly good, it's not the best one I've used but it does the job. When you put it on your lids it does get a few creases instantly whereas when I tried the Urban Decay one I didn't get any of that.  But it was £3.50 so I can hardly complain! (I went for the mineral one!)

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Look by BIPA

Birthday nails today, I've been a bit lazy and couldn't be completely bothered (and was in a rush doing them as my grandfolks were about to arrive) so they're a bit sloppy! I was in Vienna for the majority of last week and whilst there went into a shop called Bipa, as far as I can tell it's similar to a Boots or Superdrug here in the UK. I'm not sure if it's a europewide chain or just local to Vienna. We'd gone in looking for some moisturiser and then I thought it'd be rude not to look at the nail polish they have whilst I was there!

I was very restrained and only bought two, I bought the blue that is my nail of the day and a green polish with a liner brush. The blue is from a range called nail quickie and the shade is beach. The green is from a range called nail tattoo liner and doesn't have a name but is Nr 9 Green.

The blue is lovely, I've done two coats in the picture and it has seche on top, it is a really beachy blue. The kind of blue you want the sea to be when you do a beach holiday! I had to trim my nails right back (as when I got back from Vienna I was decorating and damaged them to hell!) so they are really short at the moment and I also need to shape them before my next mani I think!!!

Anyway ... Pictures!!!

Saturday, 5 March 2011

OPI Not Like the Movies

Ok seriously last post from me before I go away, I nipped into Sally's yesterday to get some Seche restore as my Seche Vite has gone gloopy (it's a good marketing tool really, here what we'll do is make a product that doesn't last and then the suckers will have to buy another product to make it ok again... oh and we'll make it expensive too ... everyone's a winner! /sarcasm)

Whilst there they had this at the counter and I couldn't not, it's gorgeous in the bottle and gorgeous on the nail. Love it.

My pictures are slightly crap, well they aren't but I ruined a nail by pranging it on something whilst cleaning and although I'm going to reapply it later (I love it that much!) I'm not going to have chance to come and take/upload photo's so these will have to do for now!

Let's ignore the big dent in the top nail

Ignore the imperfections this colour is amazeballs!