Monday, 7 February 2011

Rimmel Hot Gossip with some Konad Practice!

I don't normally like to wear red polish, I'm not sure why, I think it's just because it seems a bit retro and not in a good way, it reminds me of blond 80s bimbo's and the whole women aren't intelligent stereotype from back then, weird right? However, I bought this ages ago, I think it was for a halloween one year, and seeing as I'd not photographed it and I'm off work today I figured I'd put it on and konad over it and then take it off before I'm back in work!

The polish itself is part of the Pro Lycra range so it goes on really really well, I did two coats but really I didn't need to, I could have gotten away with one. In the bottle it has a really firery shimmer through it but it hasn't really come out on my nails, you could see it when it was wet but once dried it's the colour you can see in my pics.

The colour I used for the stamping was the black colour in the Accessorize range, I haven't got the bottle to hand but I think it's called Black Cab. Pics all taken in natural light (well what light there was as it's duller than a dull thing today), I also did a really lame job of getting rid of the previous polish on my cuticles so 'scuse how scruffy they look. I do actually tidy them up, I just seem to photograph them in the wrong order!

The Konad plate is labelled A01

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