Saturday, 19 February 2011

OPI Jade is the New Black & topcoats-ago-go

I'll start with a warning about this post, it's going to be picture heavy! I put this on last night and as with all OPI polish it goes on really well and it actually dried really well too ( I managed to stay still long enough and not smudge it!) I put two coats on and a top coat. The colour though, I'm not convinced. I like it in the bottle and I know it's a cult product and Dell have used it as inspiration for one of their laptops but I don't know, there's just something about it I just don't like. And for me to not like a green is quite frankly bizarre!

Pictures have to be small because otherwise it's an epically long blog post but they are clickable so you can see a full size picture if you click on them. Also let me know what you think of the font change if you can see it?!

Artificial Light
And an actual bottle shot!

 So given I wasn't massively keen on it, but didn't want to remove it and do a new mani, after my stupidly busy day at work I though I'd play around with some top coats. All of these are taken in the last of the daylight.

I used Andrea Fulerton Gemstone:

AF Gemstone
AF Gemstone made matte with Orly!

I found George in Asda do a fine gold glitter top coat:

George gold glitter
And matte

They also do a silver one: 

George Silver glitter
And matte
Then I wondered what it'd look like with elf twinkle on top :D

e.l.f Twinkle
& Matte!

And because it all started because I wondered what JitNB would look like matte, here's a picture of that too! 

Jade is the New Black
Matte version

Full hand shots just because I did them and why not since I'm at it!

Shiny hand! 
Matte hand!

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