Sunday, 6 February 2011

Nubar Peacock Feathers

I'd actually forgotten that I had this (and had never put it on!). I was going through the pile of polish I have in my "to try" box and thought I'd sort them into colours and found this guy hidden. I love love love duo chromes and purple and green are my favourite colours so this is a no brainer really.

I put it on but used it with my Seche (which has gone gloopy so I need some restore) but it lasted maybe half a day before peeling off, which is why the pictures are sort of lame today. I then applied it again in the evening as I wanted to have it on for longer and I must have been having a polish moment as I managed to apply it on too thickly so when I put the top coat on and finally went to bed, I got linen marks/creases in it so although it looked ace from a distance up close it was kind of crappy.

I do love this though, it's most definitely one of my favourites and I didn't get any problems getting the duo chrome to go on my nails, I've seen a few people say they could only get it to go purple and the green was hidden. I did notice that when I put the first application on it was very blue!

Anyway! Pics!


  1. That's such a beautiful colour!
    It reminds me of a Barbara Daly one I have.

  2. Thank you! Which Barbara Daly polish? I've never tried any of her range though I've looked at it loads of times!