Friday, 11 February 2011

Barry M Berry Ice cream (+Konad)

I've been wanting to wear this colour for a while (so I don't know why I haven't put it on before now), I used it in my halloween manicure but I also alternated with a china glaze polish so I didn't have one of me just wearing this on it's own. It's a lovely pastel lilac, it's a warm colour and it has (to me anyway) slightly pink tones to it, that's not to say it's pink it's just more of a warm colour than cool.

I wanted to practice the konading (I think I'm getting worse rather than better) and thought I'd practice a valentines day look. I used the BM03 plate and I alternated each nail, so the thumb, index and pinky are all Barry M Pink Flamingo and the two others are China Glaze Strawberry Fields. Neither really show up really really well (I need a better polish I suppose) and I really couldn't get the hang of stamping for some reason today but they look good in the natural light!

I also have a thing going on at the minute, where as soon as I put polish on, I get ants in my pants and have to start doing "things". By "things" I mean anything, like getting my phone out of my bag, or typing lots, or having to move my hair out of the way and I've been screwing up so much polish with smudges! I need to learn to be patient!!!

Anyway enough rambling and onto the pics!

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