Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Accessorize Magical Mocha

I was looking at the stash I have left to try out and they can be broken down into Green/Brown/Purple/Red and random. So I thought as I have quite a lot of browns (and they all look a little samey if I'm honest, don't quite know what I was thinking buying all of those!) that I'd give this one a go.

It's really pretty in the bottle, it's a shimmery taupe brown with flashes of really fine glitter through it, on my nail it loses the colour of the glitter and is jut a shimmery taupe brown. It's ok, but it's nothing special, I suppose if you really like neutral colours it's kind of pretty. It does have an almost red/pink tone to it in some angles but it was impossible to capture it on my camera.

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  1. I tagged you for the beautiful blogger award http://ruxietjulien.blogspot.com/2011/02/beautiful-blogger-award.html