Saturday, 29 January 2011

OPI Here Today, Aragorn Tomorrow (Suede)

I got this set via Brandalley a few weeks ago and it arrived the other week so I decided I was having a green day and went for the Suede Here Today.

L-R Here today, Aragorn Tomorrow, Jade is the New Black, Suede HT, AT

Really should have moved things out of the background before this shot!

The set also came with the non suede version and Jade is the New Black. It was bargainous, I think it was £16 or something similar for all three and all three were colours I'd been wanting to try so it was a no brainer buy really. 

This polish is pretty, I knew it was a matte polish but I'd forgotten so when I was putting it on, I was falling in love with it, as it's super sparkly, super gorgeous and all round lovely so when it dried matte I was like, oh. I ended up putting two coats on, and I stayed away from the top coat as I know that ruins the matte but now having seen it online with a top coat, I wish to hell I'd have done it as you get the shimmery goodness back! I will definately be wearing it again so I'll do another post but with a top coat!


  1. these are very pretty, I'm also thinking of buying some suedes

  2. They are nice aren't they? I want to get the Suede You don't know Jacques next!