Monday, 3 January 2011

OPI Changing of the Garnet

This is an old OPI polish I had from way back. I used to have a healthy OPI collection thanks to my mum who watched QVC a whole lot and used to buy them for me for stocking fillers and whatnot when I was in my teens. I had loads and I didn't appreciate them at all! Though I knew at the time they were miles better than the rubbish in the UK shops at the time!

So I got rid of most of the polish she had bought me and I bought this OPI back when I realised there was a Sally's near to me. Every time I go into my local Sally's they diminish the nail polish section and it's really tiny now, they have about 6 OPI polishes and then some China Glaze and that is it. I bought this when they had a healthy OPI stand but I didn't really know what I wanted other than I wanted an OPI polish! I ended up with this one and it's actually really pretty.

If I had tried this earlier this year (I'd not worn it for ages hence forgetting what it was like and I'm not a massive fan of red polish so I'd kind of avoided it) then I would have said it was a good Christmas colour, it's a really shimmery burgandy red with a bright red shimmer through it. I hope my pictures do it justice!

It was a little hard to apply than normal but that's because it's an older polish and in all honesty I've had newer ones that are harder to apply so it's certainly not a complaint! All pictures were taken under artificial light.

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