Sunday, 2 January 2011

Mavala Elle

I got this as it was reduced in the look fantastic sale and I've been wanting to try some Mavala polish but never gotten around to it.

Firstly I was surprised at how dinky the bottle is! They are teeny, I'm presuming all shades come in this size but I was expecting something a little bigger!

Here's what Look Fantastic say about it: "Elle beauty writer Georgina Collins asked Mavala to create an exclusive nail colour to celebrate their 25th birthday, and the Mavala Elle Nail Colour is the beautiful hue they came up with. This deep earthy greige is this season’s staple shade!"

I have to say the colour is really nice, it's similar to eyeko posh and barry m mushroom I suppose, it lives in that family anyway but the application and quality was a bit meh in all honesty. It was gloopy going on and it's not even lasted a full 24 hours. I put it on and then had to go to work (which involves nothing more than typing!) by the time I'd returned it was too late to do pictures but it had already chipped so the pictures I took this morning look awful. Not sure I'd be tempted to try any more shades really, unless any other bloggers can comment and tell me this was a one off!

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