Sunday, 9 January 2011

China Glaze DV8

Back again! I got bored with the not painting and I've still got so many polishes I want to try so I've decided to paint away again but I'm going to make sure I use lots of good hand goo to try and make my nails in a bit better shape. Since becoming a polish-a-holic they've gone quite flakey at the ends.

Anywho! I'm sick of Christmas colours and dark colours so I thought I'd put DV8 on! I bought this a while ago and I really don't know how I resisted it as a. it's a holo and I love holo's and b. It's the most amazing shade of blue and c. Did I mention it's a holo?

It's gorgeous on, I love it, the teal colour you see is the majority colour but it has an almost (and I'm describing in crayola crayons here) periwinkle blue underneath it, that added with the holo just makes it gorgeous. I love it!

Pics below: All taken under artificial light to show the holo. They are taken pre clean up and you can see the state of my index finger how flakey it is underneath the polish (eek!). Any recommendations for products to sort this problem out?


  1. Hi there. I would file lightly and buff the nail smooth to stop the flaking. Then I would use Sally Hansen diamond strength as a basecoat and keep polish on your nails. Good Luck!

  2. Thanks for the tip! I will get some of the diamond strength when my double duty runs out!!