Friday, 14 January 2011

Accessorize (Rock Star) Notorious

This colour is absolutely gorgeous. In the bottle it looks like a really dark graphite grey with a green & purple shimmer to it. On the nail in the evening under artificial light, it looked like a grey but with really shimmery green/purple bits (which was a bugger to photograph!).

I've been at work today and on looking at it in the daylight I'd be tempted to say it's a really dark green colour with lots of green shimmer and purple shimmer depending on how you look at it in the light.

This has already got a spot on my favourite polishes of 2011 I think, I love it that much, I just wish it'd photograph better as I really struggled to get a decent picture.

Evening under artificial light

Again under artificial light

natural light - you can mostly see the green in this and a hint of the purple

You can see a little more of the purple in this one


  1. Thank you! It's just a shame it doesn't show as well as I'd like on the pictures!