Thursday, 20 January 2011

Accessorize Illusion Bronze & added bonus first time konad!

I felt like going a little more muted with this manicure and this is a really good colour for it. It's an illusion one so it's a duochrome (so not super muted!) but it's not an "in your face bright" one. It changes between a red toned bronze and a limey green gold colour on me. It applies really well and lasted well (it looks a little shabby in the pics as I'd had a "hands on" day.

Then I decided to mess about with a konad plate I'd gotten (though I can't remember what colour I used for that - I'm useless I know!) so the first few are of the Bronze polish and the last few are of my laughable attempts of konading (fauxnading?).

Pic overload!

Artificial Light - And appaling nails (flaking so badly!)

Natural Light

Natural Light

Shot under the dalight/ artificial lights! 

You can see the colour quite well in this one

It's a mermaid!

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