Saturday, 18 December 2010

Sally Hansen Prism - Pink Rose Diamond

I wish these were sold in the UK as I'd have them all! I managed to grab this one for under £3 on ebay, there were a few others I wanted too but they were at £5+ when I looked at them and I just can't pay that for what is essentially a drugstore brand!

I'm beginning to think I'm getting addicted to holo polishes though, they are gorgeous! The only one I've not gotten on with was the Gosh Holo, so I'd be quite interested to try another silver one to see if it's just that colour that is a rubbish application.

This goes on just as well as the China Glaze ones do. It's quite sheer but that's due to the shade more than anything and 2 coats is just about enough. I ended up with three as I wanted a really definate coverage on my nail. I played around with it adding some Andrea Fullerton Gemstone topcoat on top (blame insomnia, it seemed the right thing to do at 1am) and I then put a matte coat on alternate nails to see how that worked out.

The gemstone topcoat made it go really opalescent, the colours that were coming through were so pretty and I wish I'd managed to get a true to life picture of how pretty it was. Nevermind you'll just have to take my word for it or try it yourself!

The matte topcoat was ok, nothing special. I think the matte works better on darker colours in all honesty but I'm addicted to "what would it look like matte" at the moment so I'm experimenting away!

Time after all that reading to show you all some pictures ! It's quite pic heavy as I was literally taking millions of them trying to show them in the right light to get the colours that were coming through so sorry if you didn't want to see this many !!!!

Under Artificial Light

And another

Blurry one to try and show the holo

This one shows it quite well

Daylight but under office lights with AF Gemstone topcoat on

The main colours I got with this were peach and green

Trying and failing to catch the green!

Alternate nails with matte top coat


  1. Wow, very pretty! I didn't realize it was so holographic!

  2. Really nice subtle colour :D.I love your blog so i followed :D. Please check out my new beauty blog i have just started and would appreciated if you followed.
    Thank you and Merry Christmas.

  3. @Aurora - I didn't think it was going to be this holo either, I'm now searching ebay to find some of the other colours!

    @BBL Thank you! I'm following you now!