Sunday, 5 December 2010

Rimmel Purple Addict

I really rushed the photo's for these as I had messed them up 3x in a row (one of those days) and I was getting ready to have our Xmas bash and people were arriving 5 mins after the photo's!

I forgot how much I like the Rimmel Pro range, the brush is absolutely amazing, it makes the application really really easy. The polish itself is lush, really pigmented and goes on smoothly. The colour is really nice too, it's the quality street purple colour and it has a slightly different shade of purple shimmering through it. In the bottle (I'll have to grab a picture of the bottle and attach it later) there is a hint of an almost gold shimmer but it really isn't present in the colour on the nails.

I've just had to take it off as it's not really work appropriate for tomorrow but it comes off very easily and didn't chip, even though I didn't bother with a top coat.

I just with the range of colours was a bit more exciting and abundant!

You can see where I messed up here!

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