Thursday, 23 December 2010

Nubar Reclaim & Models Own Emerald City

Right, last post from me today I promise, I'm just making up for the days I missed during the week!!!

As I've had naked nails (omg) for the past day or so I thought it was time for me to sort that out. I have a mahoosive stash that I really need to work through before I even think of buying any more and even then I need to work out what I'm likely to wear again and either ebay or do a blog give-away on here or something!

As I ignored Nubar Reclaim in favour of purple beach I thought it was only right that I should put this on (I was debating between this or CG DV8 which I've still not tried!!). However this being green it's a little more festive I suppose.

It applies like a dream, it's a really good quality polish and I did two coats although I probably could have gotten away with one! The brush is really good quality and just the right size in my opinion so it makes application that little bit easier.

The pictures are of untidied nails as I wanted to be able to get a picture of them in daylight and with it being in the dead of winter now the light goes before you even know it!

Natural Light

Natural Light

Natural Light

Artificial Light

I find the holo's always show better under artificial light

And again! 

It's really lovely, I mean I'm obsessed with holo's anyway but it's GREEN and I love green so I was bound to love it. I got thinking then about what I can do for a festive mani for Christmas, I've still not decided but I remembered I had Emerald City by Model's Own, which is a gorgeous Emerald green glitter varnish, it's amazing (although a bitch to remove). I thought I'd get a sponge out and see if I could put some glitter tips

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