Thursday, 23 December 2010

Nubar Purple Beach

Whilst I was sat painting the gemstone topcoat on top of For Audrey, the following package arrived ...

I couldn't wait to try reclaim (green holo!) but I was more intrigued by Peacock Feathers and Purple Beach. I've seen review where folks have said that Peacock Feathers looks ace in the bottle but the duo chrome just doesn't work on the nail. I didn't want to be disappointed so I thought I'd skip the holo polish for now and try Purple Beach as it looks amazing in the bottle.

It looks amazing on the nail too, I wore it for two days (did two coats with a top coat of seche) and it only chipped because I had major house fail and had to get my cleaning head/hands on asap! The green really shines through and the purple is a lovely colour by itself too.

I've been rubbish with the pictures (so much going on at work/home right now it's untrue!) so there are only two, but they show both colours quite well!

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