Sunday, 12 December 2010

George Ultraviolet

Another George polish today, well yesterday but the pics are from today.

The colour of this is pretty, it reminds me of a spectacular polish I had when I was about 14 years old or so that I can't remember the name of now but I used to covet at the time! This one is a little more purple with flashes of blue, the spectacular one was blue with flashes of purple but the spectrum is roughly the same on them both.

The pictures I took are three coats of it, this polish is as sheer as a ghost and really looking at the pictures I suspect it could have done with another coat. I put two on my (what's the finger next to your thumb called?) ... well that one ... so you can see my nail through that coat. It's already starting to look a little raggedy around the edge so I don't think it'd last well with no seche on top of it.

Lots of pics of this one as I was trying to get a decent picture!

With Flash

Another with flash

Natural Light

Natural Light

Natural Light

Another in Natural Light

You can see how I need another layer on the finger next to my index finger! 

Under artificial light with the flash

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