Thursday, 30 December 2010

George Indigo Dazzle

This will be the first post in a bunch of three that are going to be quite samey but I was going through my stash last night wondering what to try next when I realise I have three very similar shades of dark blue and as I couldn't decide which to wear I let my other half choose and he said this one! I've since chipped this to hell (not the polishes fault really as I was cleaning the kitchen like a mad woman possessed this morning and I was my usual klutzy self) so I've since painted it with the second similar colour and I'm planning on doing the third tomorrow :D

This one by George though, I have to say for a budget nail polish, every one I have tried in this range has been superb. The colours are gorgeous and (I want to say multi dimensional but then I'll sound like a cosmetics advert so I'm not going to) are full of depth, they hardly chip despite what I did earlier today and I just can't rave about them enough. If I were to do a best of 2010 they'd certainly appear on there somewhere!

This colour is a Navy/Indigo colour, it's quite an inky blue but there is a bright sapphire shimmer all the way through it that is stunning. It's really sparkly but without being glittery, it's also a dream to apply and remove.

All pictures taken under natural light

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