Monday, 6 December 2010

e.l.f smoky brown

I really wanted to like this one, and the colour I do like, it's a yummy grey brown, kind of like a mocha brown. The brush is fab to use, it's quite a wide brush so it's really easy to apply but its so gloopy it's untrue. I put a base coat, 2 coats of it and then a top coat on last night then went to bed and woke up with sheet/pillow lines all over it. I thought maybe I'd just been too eager to go to bed and it must have been tacky but I reapplied today, taking my time between layers this time and it's done the same thing (except with fingerprints on it). I believe the colour is similar to Barry M Mushroom (which I have) so I'll try that I think!

I hope the other colours I bought don't do the same. Maybe if I try a different top coat, that might help?

Quick edit, to add pics of this on my thumb with Barry M Mushroom on my other finger! There really isn't that much in it although they aren't an exact dupe of each other. The Barry M is a slightly warmer colour! 

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  1. Argh why didn't i order this from elf when i was putting in a polish order lol - I told you i like my browns ;)