Sunday, 26 December 2010

e.l.f Cranberry, Model's Own Scarlet Sparkle & Andrea Fulerton Gemstone

This was my look for Christmas day. I didn't manage to get very many pictures and the few I did manage are rather rubbish in all honesty as I had a million and one things to do and get ready!

The e.l.f cranberry is lovely, it's a really rich shimmery cranberry red colour and it stands well on it's own but I was up for layering and putting more sparkles and glitters so I added the Andrea Fullerton Gemstone topcoat all over it and then sponged the Model's Own Scarlet Sparkle on the tips.

The MO glitters are amazing, so sparkly and really dense with glitter but OMG they are a nightmare to get off (I should learn my lesson really ... or be organised enough to do the foil method of removal!)

Here's some pictures

The elf on its own under a light

elf with the gemstone topcoat

Ew big chip ... don't look!

Avec glitter tips

Ignore the mess and you can see it went from a red to orange gradient with the glitter & gemstone topcoat

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