Monday, 13 December 2010

Color Club Save the Whales

This is my barbie pink colour! It's lovely, really really girly pretty and it's a good creamy pink. It does need a few layers though, this was three coats and a top coat and you can still see my nails underneath. I didn't have time for another coat unfortunately so the pics aren't probably the best!


  1. I have an OPI colour in a pinky toned that needs at least 4 coats & i am strictly a 2 coats girly! Like this colour it needed 4 if not more because you could see my "nail" underneath still :(

  2. Yeah it's annoying when you get polishes that need tons of coats, I just don't have the time to sit and wait for them to dry! I want to get an opaque white polish to put that on as a base coat and then try it. Hopefully that might make a difference!

  3. I never thought about putting white on as a base & then adding a colour i may even try that for my elf's top coats twinkle & the gold one (Not sure on name)...I only had it on a day and then once i had bought Barry M's mushroom i just painted it straight over the top of the opi 1 and had done lol