Friday, 10 December 2010

Barry M Racing Green & Boredom remixed version

I put this on last night, this was a gift from a secret friend on a forum I go on and I hadn't gotten around to putting it on yet. This looks amazing in the bottle, it's a Mossy, Foresty green with a metallic shimmer through it that is stunning.

On the nail, I did two coats and under the right light you can see that metallic shimmer light up underneath the polish. I couldn't capture it on my camera though so you'll just have to believe me and try it for yourself!

The colour is yummy, I have a thing about green anyway (green & purple!) and this could be considered festive at this time of the year and just luxurious at all other times. It really is aptly named as it's such a British racing green colour. If I had a cheap jag in the wrong colour, I'd want to get a bucket load of this and paint it so it was this colour :D

Natural Light

With Flash - This kind of captures the shimmer

I am thinking I'm a bit bored of it now so I think I'm going to gemstone top coat it and then matte it up to see what that is like!

Update to include the gemstone topcoat and then the Orly Matte on top of that! 
Gemstone in natural light

Slightly better picture

Orly Matte topcoat on top of the Andrea Fullerton

And another!

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