Friday, 31 December 2010

Barry M Navy

The last in the Blue trilogy of polish posts. I'm kind of glad actually, I've been a bit bored wearing the same colour for three days in a row, I mean they are all subtly different but when I take polish off and put it on, I like a big change!

Anyway onto thoughts about Barry M! This is between the George one and the Rimmel one. It's a stunning Navy Blue, I had two coats on in the photo's and it's a definate blue (the Rimmel was almost black it was so inky!) and it has a surprise shimmer of sapphire blue underneath but it's not as obvious as the sparkle in the George. I'd say it's the better quality of all of the three but my favourite just for the colour is the George polish!

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Rimmel Blue Vogue

The second in my blue trilogy!

This one looks quite similar to the George Indigo Dazzle polish in the bottle, the blue shimmer is slightly less noticeable in the bottle than the George but other than that I thought they'd be quite similar.

I was wrong! On my nails, with a coat of seche on top, this is a super inky blue that looks almost black. I did two coats and I can't see any shimmer at all which is a shame but now knowing it isn't there it's a really jelly like ink blue which is nice in it's own right.

Pics are a mix of natural (fading) light and artificial as it was getting dark as I was taking them. I might take some more tomorrow morning to see if I can get any more decent pictures of it!

The last teensy bit of natural light

Artificial Light

Messy thumb shot!

Look how dark and inky this one is!

George Indigo Dazzle

This will be the first post in a bunch of three that are going to be quite samey but I was going through my stash last night wondering what to try next when I realise I have three very similar shades of dark blue and as I couldn't decide which to wear I let my other half choose and he said this one! I've since chipped this to hell (not the polishes fault really as I was cleaning the kitchen like a mad woman possessed this morning and I was my usual klutzy self) so I've since painted it with the second similar colour and I'm planning on doing the third tomorrow :D

This one by George though, I have to say for a budget nail polish, every one I have tried in this range has been superb. The colours are gorgeous and (I want to say multi dimensional but then I'll sound like a cosmetics advert so I'm not going to) are full of depth, they hardly chip despite what I did earlier today and I just can't rave about them enough. If I were to do a best of 2010 they'd certainly appear on there somewhere!

This colour is a Navy/Indigo colour, it's quite an inky blue but there is a bright sapphire shimmer all the way through it that is stunning. It's really sparkly but without being glittery, it's also a dream to apply and remove.

All pictures taken under natural light

Nubar Iced Licorice

Carrying on with my love of purple nail polishes, this one is a fab colour! It's a light mauve/lilac colour and I thought at first that it was gold glitter/shimmer through it but on looking at it more closely it's like a mix of gold and bronze. It's really really pretty although it's an arse to remove because of the glitter in it.

Under Natural Light

Under Artificial Light - You can see the shimmer a little better in this one

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

China Glaze Strawberry Fields

Ok firstly I have to apologize for the pictures I took for this manicure, they are terrible, I didn't realise until after I had taken it off that I'd had the brightness set at the top setting for some reason, so they are a bit washed out and it now makes sense why I couldn't capture the colour in this polish as I wanted to!

This is a polish I bought randomly not knowing anything about it on ebay as I just wanted a fuchsia pink colour, when it came I thought it was a bit garish and I've avoided trying it until yesterday when I was sick of all the dark colours and christmas colours. I just wanted something completely different so I thought it'd be worth a go.

I wish in all honesty I'd tried it earlier! It's like a raspberry pink with the most amazing gold shimmer through it, it's absolutely adorable and it's also making me want a lilac colour with the same gold through it (next holy grail search ... !)

Sunday, 26 December 2010

e.l.f Cranberry, Model's Own Scarlet Sparkle & Andrea Fulerton Gemstone

This was my look for Christmas day. I didn't manage to get very many pictures and the few I did manage are rather rubbish in all honesty as I had a million and one things to do and get ready!

The e.l.f cranberry is lovely, it's a really rich shimmery cranberry red colour and it stands well on it's own but I was up for layering and putting more sparkles and glitters so I added the Andrea Fullerton Gemstone topcoat all over it and then sponged the Model's Own Scarlet Sparkle on the tips.

The MO glitters are amazing, so sparkly and really dense with glitter but OMG they are a nightmare to get off (I should learn my lesson really ... or be organised enough to do the foil method of removal!)

Here's some pictures

The elf on its own under a light

elf with the gemstone topcoat

Ew big chip ... don't look!

Avec glitter tips

Ignore the mess and you can see it went from a red to orange gradient with the glitter & gemstone topcoat

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Nubar Reclaim & Models Own Emerald City

Right, last post from me today I promise, I'm just making up for the days I missed during the week!!!

As I've had naked nails (omg) for the past day or so I thought it was time for me to sort that out. I have a mahoosive stash that I really need to work through before I even think of buying any more and even then I need to work out what I'm likely to wear again and either ebay or do a blog give-away on here or something!

As I ignored Nubar Reclaim in favour of purple beach I thought it was only right that I should put this on (I was debating between this or CG DV8 which I've still not tried!!). However this being green it's a little more festive I suppose.

It applies like a dream, it's a really good quality polish and I did two coats although I probably could have gotten away with one! The brush is really good quality and just the right size in my opinion so it makes application that little bit easier.

The pictures are of untidied nails as I wanted to be able to get a picture of them in daylight and with it being in the dead of winter now the light goes before you even know it!

Natural Light

Natural Light

Natural Light

Artificial Light

I find the holo's always show better under artificial light

And again! 

It's really lovely, I mean I'm obsessed with holo's anyway but it's GREEN and I love green so I was bound to love it. I got thinking then about what I can do for a festive mani for Christmas, I've still not decided but I remembered I had Emerald City by Model's Own, which is a gorgeous Emerald green glitter varnish, it's amazing (although a bitch to remove). I thought I'd get a sponge out and see if I could put some glitter tips

Nubar Purple Beach

Whilst I was sat painting the gemstone topcoat on top of For Audrey, the following package arrived ...

I couldn't wait to try reclaim (green holo!) but I was more intrigued by Peacock Feathers and Purple Beach. I've seen review where folks have said that Peacock Feathers looks ace in the bottle but the duo chrome just doesn't work on the nail. I didn't want to be disappointed so I thought I'd skip the holo polish for now and try Purple Beach as it looks amazing in the bottle.

It looks amazing on the nail too, I wore it for two days (did two coats with a top coat of seche) and it only chipped because I had major house fail and had to get my cleaning head/hands on asap! The green really shines through and the purple is a lovely colour by itself too.

I've been rubbish with the pictures (so much going on at work/home right now it's untrue!) so there are only two, but they show both colours quite well!

China Glaze For Audrey

I wore this a few days ago and I really should review at the time as now I can't really remember much about it (not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing!). I do remember thinking it was very pretty.

It is very tiffany blue and it went on as well as all other china glaze polishes do so it gets a thumbs up from me!  I do remember thinking it was a good winter colour, it's quite icy but it has some warmth to it as well. I did put some Andrea Fullerton on top (Didn't take any pictures though!) but I didn't really like it that much. I think it'd look nice with a rainbow glittery top coat or if I ever get my sponge technique right then maybe sponged onto the tips!