Tuesday, 30 November 2010

A little more practice perhaps :)

I've been watching a few nail vlogs on youtube and am quite enamoured with the whole gradient nail look and today I bought myself some cheap boots makeup sponges to try it with.

I firstly painted a layer of Models Own 25 Carat Gold on, just to see what it looked like as I've never worn it before. I like it in theory but it's one of those colours that just isn't me, though I'll keep it as I can see it being used over things perhaps? It's quite sheer and the picture below is just one coat. 

Models Own 25 Carat Gold

I then painted over that with one coat of Nothing but Truffle by Color Club, I love this colour it's just a really rich chocolate colour, it's really gorgeous! I wish Color Club was easily available in the UK! I only used one coat but I suppose I could have put another one over it. 

Nothing But Truffle - Color Club

Messy shot!

Then I pulled my sponge out ... I thought I'd watch another youtube vid, you know just to make sure I was doing it right, then I just thought, ok lets just do it! I got some scrap paper and put a big blob on that and then dipped my sponge in it then started pressing on my nail. I did the tip but then decided just to do the whole nail as once I'd done a few nails it was becoming obvious that for something that looked so simple to do, I was messing it up! 


I didn't like it, so I thought well seeing as I'm playing around lets see what it looks like with the e.l.f matte coat on top. Final result is below, and in all honesty I'm not sure, maybe it's the colours, the lack of skill or just because it's Tuesday but I'm not feeling this one although up close and personal the sparkle that you get out of the gold with the matte topcoat on is quite nice (but no where close to awesome). 

Knowing me I'll want to change this tonight so I have something that I like for work tomorrow so there may well be another update from me tonight!!!

What do you guys think?

I put a shiny top coat back on it as I really didn't like it, I'm still not sure I like it but it does look better under artificial light now!

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