Tuesday, 30 November 2010


Eyes.Lips.Face is better known as e.l.f, I remember when they first started in the UK and I got my first package from them (I think everything was a £1 back then!) and I got a handwritten jiffy bag with some lipbalm, eyeshadow and lipgloss in it, I think I'd managed to spend a tenner and gotten loads!

I've not used them, well since in all honesty as I wasn't "that" impressed with their eyeshadows ( I was really into MAC at the time), their lipbalm was great for a £1 but there were prettier ones elsewhere I didn't mind paying for and ditto for the lipgloss.

I've been after a matte top coat for a while and knew they did one so I went to get one and it was out of stock! Having put myself on the email list for it, I got an email the other day and decided to try these guys out again. They are now £1.50 each which is still a bargain and the packaging looks more up market than it used to. I got:

L-R Nude, Cranberry, Mod Mauve, Smokey Brown, Metal Madness, Twinkle & the Matte Finisher

Nude, Cranberry, Mod Mauve

Smokey Brown, Metal Madness, Twinkle & Matte Finisher

Duo Shadow Eye Creams in Black Licorice, Butter Pecan & Blueberry

Will report back once I've tried them to see if I still feel the same!

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