Sunday, 28 November 2010

China Glaze Little Drummer Boy + Gosh Magic Star

Right so this is an actual "what I am wearing" now post! I've managed to upload all of the past pictures now so everything from this point onwards will be what is actually in my stash. I was going through it before and I've sorted the box into stuff I've worn/stuff I've not worn. Then I thought damnit some of the things I've worn I've not photographed so now it's a blogged/not blogged split instead (obsessive much?)

So anywho! I was liking the navy nails of Barry M with the rainbow topcoat so I thought I'd try another similar combo. I've had Little Drummer Boy for a while but not managed to try it out as I went on a buying spree and had too many other polishes to distract me with. I took a picture of it with one coat, which I think you could get away with. I did two coats then put two coats of Gosh Magic Star on top.

I bought the Magic Star online, I was trying to get the Gosh Rainbow top coat and failed miserably, it was out of stock in almost every superdrug everywhere and I thought I'd managed to get it online but alas, they sent me the Magic Star but then when I emailed to find out where rainbow was, they said it had been discontinued. Oh well, the andrea fullerton gemstone is the same thing and there's always nubar 2010!

Magic Star is a glitter top coat and I had to put two coats on as the first went a bit dull. Anyway enough rambling from me and have some pictures!

1 coat of LDB

Not tidied up yet but still one coat

Here's the bottles that I used!

Pre-tidy up

Out of focus to capture the colours!


  1. That is a gorgeous combination...Little Drummer Boy is one of my favorites out of that collection! And I looove looking at out of focus pics of sparkly nail polish...the dots of color are so pretty lol! That sounded a little sarcastic but i'm being totally serious :)

  2. It was lovely but it was a nightmare to take the glitter off! I always swear I'm not going to put glitter topcoats on but can't help it as they are so sparkley!!