Tuesday, 30 November 2010

A little more practice perhaps :)

I've been watching a few nail vlogs on youtube and am quite enamoured with the whole gradient nail look and today I bought myself some cheap boots makeup sponges to try it with.

I firstly painted a layer of Models Own 25 Carat Gold on, just to see what it looked like as I've never worn it before. I like it in theory but it's one of those colours that just isn't me, though I'll keep it as I can see it being used over things perhaps? It's quite sheer and the picture below is just one coat. 

Models Own 25 Carat Gold

I then painted over that with one coat of Nothing but Truffle by Color Club, I love this colour it's just a really rich chocolate colour, it's really gorgeous! I wish Color Club was easily available in the UK! I only used one coat but I suppose I could have put another one over it. 

Nothing But Truffle - Color Club

Messy shot!

Then I pulled my sponge out ... I thought I'd watch another youtube vid, you know just to make sure I was doing it right, then I just thought, ok lets just do it! I got some scrap paper and put a big blob on that and then dipped my sponge in it then started pressing on my nail. I did the tip but then decided just to do the whole nail as once I'd done a few nails it was becoming obvious that for something that looked so simple to do, I was messing it up! 


I didn't like it, so I thought well seeing as I'm playing around lets see what it looks like with the e.l.f matte coat on top. Final result is below, and in all honesty I'm not sure, maybe it's the colours, the lack of skill or just because it's Tuesday but I'm not feeling this one although up close and personal the sparkle that you get out of the gold with the matte topcoat on is quite nice (but no where close to awesome). 

Knowing me I'll want to change this tonight so I have something that I like for work tomorrow so there may well be another update from me tonight!!!

What do you guys think?

I put a shiny top coat back on it as I really didn't like it, I'm still not sure I like it but it does look better under artificial light now!

George Superstar

I found this picture in my photobucket but couldn't for the life of me remember what it was called and I've just come across it now in my "don't want" pile!

It's a George one called Superstar and is a shimmering Khaki/Olive green colour!


Eyes.Lips.Face is better known as e.l.f, I remember when they first started in the UK and I got my first package from them (I think everything was a £1 back then!) and I got a handwritten jiffy bag with some lipbalm, eyeshadow and lipgloss in it, I think I'd managed to spend a tenner and gotten loads!

I've not used them, well since in all honesty as I wasn't "that" impressed with their eyeshadows ( I was really into MAC at the time), their lipbalm was great for a £1 but there were prettier ones elsewhere I didn't mind paying for and ditto for the lipgloss.

I've been after a matte top coat for a while and knew they did one so I went to get one and it was out of stock! Having put myself on the email list for it, I got an email the other day and decided to try these guys out again. They are now £1.50 each which is still a bargain and the packaging looks more up market than it used to. I got:

L-R Nude, Cranberry, Mod Mauve, Smokey Brown, Metal Madness, Twinkle & the Matte Finisher

Nude, Cranberry, Mod Mauve

Smokey Brown, Metal Madness, Twinkle & Matte Finisher

Duo Shadow Eye Creams in Black Licorice, Butter Pecan & Blueberry

Will report back once I've tried them to see if I still feel the same!

Note to self:

Don't wear two coats of glitter over dark blue nail polish. It's a bitch to get off ...

Sunday, 28 November 2010

China Glaze Little Drummer Boy + Gosh Magic Star

Right so this is an actual "what I am wearing" now post! I've managed to upload all of the past pictures now so everything from this point onwards will be what is actually in my stash. I was going through it before and I've sorted the box into stuff I've worn/stuff I've not worn. Then I thought damnit some of the things I've worn I've not photographed so now it's a blogged/not blogged split instead (obsessive much?)

So anywho! I was liking the navy nails of Barry M with the rainbow topcoat so I thought I'd try another similar combo. I've had Little Drummer Boy for a while but not managed to try it out as I went on a buying spree and had too many other polishes to distract me with. I took a picture of it with one coat, which I think you could get away with. I did two coats then put two coats of Gosh Magic Star on top.

I bought the Magic Star online, I was trying to get the Gosh Rainbow top coat and failed miserably, it was out of stock in almost every superdrug everywhere and I thought I'd managed to get it online but alas, they sent me the Magic Star but then when I emailed to find out where rainbow was, they said it had been discontinued. Oh well, the andrea fullerton gemstone is the same thing and there's always nubar 2010!

Magic Star is a glitter top coat and I had to put two coats on as the first went a bit dull. Anyway enough rambling from me and have some pictures!

1 coat of LDB

Not tidied up yet but still one coat

Here's the bottles that I used!

Pre-tidy up

Out of focus to capture the colours!

Models Own Mystic Mauve

This was the second polish I got in the Boots offer, I'd gone specifically to look for the golden peach but having seen these irl as opposed to on the website I knew I had to have this one, the offer of the free lipgloss was just a bonus!

It's a really metallic mauve colour, it's so shiny it looks like it's a foil. It is really lovely but it's also quite subtle, it's not in your face at all so I'd recommend it as a good all rounder. As with all MO stuff it's a dream to apply and lasts ages

Models Own Golden Peach

Now I know peach inspires a lot of hate from people, it's slightly retro I suppose but I quite like peachy colours and they seem to suit my skin tone. I found this whilst looking at the range in Boots in the Trafford Centre (they were on buy two and get a free lipgloss - I'm a sucker for a deal)

This is a really pale and shimmery peach colour, it has a really subtle gold through it and it's another one of those colours that if you had to be conservative with your polish I'd recommend it.  It does need a few layers to build up the colour, I put two on here and you can still see my nail underneath. As with all models own colours I have it applies really easily.

George Raincloud & George stash

I had this in my stash from ages back and forgot all about it. When I slowly started getting the nail polish bug I raided my stash and found this one which is an Asda George one. They are super cheap (£1.50) and although not the best quality they are certainly worth £1.50. When I tried this I didn't bother with a base or top coat so I daresay it'll last longer if I do.

With Flash
Natural Light but rubbish pic!

I took a picture of my other George one's so you can see what I have and what they look like. I've only tried Indigo Dazzle and I can't remember what that looks like so I'll do swatches of them soon!

L-R is Warrior, Outrageous, Rich Chocolate, Smug, Ultra Violet, Mysterious, Indigo Dazzle and Raincloud. You can't really see from the picture but Smug looks irl to be a Red Jelly colour with red glitter in it. 

Models Own Champagne

This was another asos bargain, they had a bunch of Models Own polishes for £3 and I got a few to try as it wasn't a brand I'd heard of (I was so out of what was what in the nail polish world!) but I'd read a review of Emerald Sparkle on Domestic Sluttery and it instantly made me want to try the brand!

Champagne is a lovely shimmer that is really elegant, I'd wear this if I wanted to wear polish but it had to be conservative (even though it's really shimmery in the right lights) as it's so inoffensive but also pretty at the same time.

Models Own Tangerine Queen

Holy Jeezus this is a bright polish. I mean really, it's super Neon and by super neon I mean SUPER. Unfortunately it looks pretty rubbish on me as I'm so pale and the pictures don't give it justice as to how bright and neon it actually is. 

I bought this one thinking it was something else (they do one called Orange Sherbet) which is a shimmery orange and I couldn't remember the name when I was ordering and ended up with this one. I'd consider keeping it for Halloween but unless I ever get an epic tan I don't think I'd wear this again. 


Eyeko Posh Polish

I bought this in the asos sale (I think it was under £2 it was super bargainous!). I've never used any of the eyeko polishes before and I am super impressed with them, they go on really well, didn't chip very easily and I got a good colour after one coat (though in the pics I've done two)

I'd definatly buy more (Cosmic, ChiChi, Lilac and Vintage are all on my wishlist!)

Halloween Nails

So late now but this is what I did for Halloween!

I used Barry M Lilac as a base and also China Glaze Spontaneous, the little stickers I got from Sallys and are by Nailtopia. I also had a bright Orange on my toes with stickers on but I don't like looking at my toes in high def so no pictures of those!


China Glaze 2NITE

I can't spread enough love for this range by China Glaze, I absolutely love them! They remind me of the foils you used to be able to get (perhaps you still can!) by special fx. Speaking of special fx does anyone remember the polishes they used to do that were sensitive to temperature so it made you look like you had dip dye nails? I had a ton of them when I was younger, I wish I'd kept them, although having said that, they probably wouldn't have lasted until now anyway!

Anyway! 2NITE is a light blue holo and out of the two I've tried so far it's my favourite, I could just stare at it for hours it's so hypnotic!

Andrea Fulerton Penelope & Gemstone Topcoat

I really should have taken a picture of just Penelope really, but I think I'd managed to chip it (through no fault of the polish, just me being clumsy) before I'd taken a picture and then I thought I'd try and save it with the Andrea Fullerton gemstone topcoat.

The Penelope polish is a really nice dark chocolate brown colour and with the gemstone on top of it, it seems to go mostly green/orange with it.

China Glaze Stella

This is super gorgeous, my picture is rubbish (I'm trying to get better with that honest but all these are the ones I've done in the past so far (well except for the Barry M Matte look one!). This is such a glossy juicy plum colour. I've never been massively keen on reds and will always go to something like this instead as an alternative. It's lovely!